Overhead garage doors

  • The modern solution for garage doors.
    improve the look of the building in which they are fitted
    make life easier meet safety requirements
    They replace traditional garage doors and offer a variety of practical and surprising advantages.

Technical features of the product range

  • Easy and functional opening and closing
  • With original  motorisation, all you have to do to silently open and close your garage is lightly touch the remote control.
  • The manual versions are also easy to operate because they are balanced with torsion springs.
  • Extreme conditions do not represent a problem: ice and snow are not obstacles for  overhead doors.
  • residential overhead doors are sturdy and fully weather resistant.
  • They provide excellent insulation against heat and sound thanks to the insulated panels (steel or wood).
  • They improve live ability and inside conditions and also cut energy costs.
  • For new and renovated buildings residential doors are practical and flexible; they enhance new buildings and also allow quickly and accurately replacing old traditional doors.
  • Accessory control and safety provides a wide range of accessories: from ergonomic handles to command, control and security systems.
  • All  original accessories have been designed to enhance the door, ensure long-term reliability and safe operations.
  • Overhead doors enhance the building and meet any requirement
  • The design and various solutions presented, with versions in steel and wood, allow perfect aesthetic integration in any architectural context, both classic, rustic or modern