FLASH - Rapid roll-up with full curtain, counterweighted model

All areas requiring high levels of cleanliness and tightness often need high-speed doors which, in addition to giving a very striking image, are able to operate at the highest efficiency and safety levels.
The range of these doors is the best available as it boasts all the features developed from  long experience in meeting the most diverse production requirements.


Technical features of the product range

  • FLASH CS doors, featuring the unique “built-in” professional system, are the ideal solution as, in addition to relying on technologically advanced motion techniques, they use self-extinguishing polyester curtains complete with window section or see-through PCV curtains (with red central warning strip) and metal frames without overhangs, giving the automation a sophisticated design.
  • Built-in structure
  • Linear metal profiles
  • IP55 rated electronic panel complete with pushbutton panel with open-close-stop membrane control featuring an auto test function, compliant with European Directives 2006/42/EC and 89/106/EC. TÜV certified
  • Infrared photocells built in the uprights
  • Dual speed, 3-phase motor
  • Polarised quick wiring
  • Provision for an emergency reopening semiautomatic device.