Rolling Shutters

"ThermoTeck" - Insulated, with micro profiled surface


The sophisticated system of African Trade and Contracting roller shutters is characterized by high efficiency, robustness and ease of construction. Because of the space-saving rolling technique and the hard-wearing roller door armor, African Trade and Contracting roller doors are particularly suitable for high and wide mainly hall statements that are subject to intense use.

Flexible equipment options to meet even the most difficult spaces to meet all requirements. The special ThermoTeck profile can be wound extremely tight due to the optimum cross-section, protects the surface, saves space and reduces noise to a minimum. In conjunction with the sophisticated tread design the result is a rolling shutter system that works in daily use reliable and stable and attractive micro profiling even after many years still looks good.


stress, hectic, deadline pressure or simple human carelessness: In the "heat of the moment "Collisions between equipment and roller shutters are quite possible - at African Trade and Contracting but tragically only in rare cases. The compliant rolling armor springs back "soft" and flexible, its robust profiles, an exchange is often not necessary.