Curved Sliding Doors

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  • No limits for architects and designers’ creativity
    Designing commercial buildings with high-tech frontages is widely becoming more popular.
    Automatic doors must conform to both quality and aesthetic requirements to seamlessly blend into high-tech buildings.
    Volo is the new, reduced-height  automation for curved sliding automatic doors, specifically designed to
    fulfil modern architectural requirements.
    With Volo, architects and designers can design “ad hoc” curved automatic doors to fully and effectively integrate the project in the existing building.
    The elegance of the curved wing, together with  automation quiet and smooth operation, give the entrance a touch of elegance and quality.
    Hotels, restaurants, companies and prestigious buildings are the perfect applications for this top quality automation.
    Volo automation boasts reliability, ensured by its electro-mechanical components, quiet operation, ensured by its synthetic drive belt and nylon wheels, and safety, ensured by its
    microprocessor based electronic control panel.
    The automation easily adjusts to the passageway by using all available space.
    Volo is supplied complete with safety, control and monitoring accessories which comply with all current standards.


Technical features of the product range


  • Height of automatic system: only 10 cm or 18 cm with strengtheners
  • Available with two mobile leaves with or without fixed leaves.
  • Tested and reliable components already applied to the Bis and Ten automatic systems.
  • Can be combined with both the Pam 30 DITEC profiles and general leaves.
  • Drive belts and nylon trolleys are used for leaf movement.
  • 2-motor overflow automatic system for escape routes.
  • TÜV approval pending
  • Angle of curved automatic system 240° max.